8 Ways to Take a Screenshot on Windows 10 and Windows 11

The tool is required to be downloaded on your Dell laptop/computer. After its installation, you can run it and log in as well. After this, you can mark the region that you would like to save and take the screenshot. The most common way to think about taking screenshots on Dell laptops and computers is to use the keyboard keys. Along with that, you can use alternative options such as the Snagit tool to capture the screenshots or use the Windows screenshot feature to take custom screenshots. You may be able to utilize the Windows Logo Key in combination with the PrtScn button as a keyboard shortcut for print screen, but this will depend on the hardware you have.

  • I recommend you to enable OneDrive on your device so that you never lose any screenshot that you take on your device.
  • Unless you’re totally fine taking a screenshot of your entire active window, simply taking screenshots is never going to be enough.
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  • This procedure is useful when you want to save your screenshot in a folder for later use.

Pressing the PrtSc key prompts Windows to key capture your screen. Depending on the key combination used by you, you can capture the entire screen, your active window, or a portion of your screen. Use the guide below to easily take screenshots on your Windows 11 PC using the PrtSc key. In fact, there are lots of ways to tailor Greenshot exactly to your liking, so poke around a bit and this find the configuration that works best for you. This method will only save a copy of the current window you are using to the clipboard.

Save Screenshot to Clipboard

This option still works in Windows 10 which will take a shot of everything on the screen, copy it to the Clipboard, and then allow you to paste it into a program such as Microsoft Word. In addition to that, this software also allows you to select the capturing region freely. It offers you a “Region” mode to select any part of your screen as the recording area, and you can take a partial screenshot or record a video without effort. What’s more, you can also record the webcam simultaneously. As technology rapidly increases and the information age expands, more and more people get accustomed to work or study online. Traditionally, you can take notes on papers when something needs to be recorded, but what could you do when you want to record anything on your computer screen?

If you want more screenshot options than what Windows offers, you might want to consider third-party apps. Third-party apps have all the screen-capturing options that the default Windows screenshot tools have. They also come with several other intuitive features that make them exciting to use. When you click on the image, it opens up in a snipping tool window, and you can then proceed to save the screenshot by pressing the “Ctrl” and “S” keys together(Ctrl + S). After that, every time you take a screenshot using the print screen key, it is automatically saved to OneDrive. You can access the saved screenshots on any device as long as you can log in to your OneDrive account.

Method 2: Using The Sniping Tool To Take More Flexible Screenshots

To find your screenshot, you need to go to pictures and then a subfolder called “Screenshots”. Learn how to use the Print Screen key to take screenshots on Windows 10/11 PC or laptop and then you can print the screen capture with your printer if you like. If you want to recover deleted or lost files from Windows computers or external storage devices, you can try free MiniTool Power Data Recovery.

I deleted the folder that I created, I tried all of the above Keys again and it did not create the Screenshots folder. The ScreenShot folder was not there, so I created it. I have tried Print screen, Win Key+Print screen, Ctrl+Print screen, Shift+Print screen.

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Even if you just want to capture a portion http://driversol.com/drivers/qualcomm of the screen, you’ll be able to do so easily using Snip & Sketch. Both tools are helpful in Windows 10, but Snip & Sketch has some extra annotation and editing tools that are helpful. If you want more annotation tools, install Snip & Sketch. If the window is already open, click its title bar at the top to make sure it’s selected.

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