Letters of Credit

Build new client relationships and support new business opportunities with First Capital Bank’s letter of credit

We offer our import clients the facility of opening both confirmed and unconfirmed Letters of Credit. We also arrange for confirmation of Letters of Credit by a range of world-class international banking institutions.

A letter of credit (LC) provides our customers with a guarantee that a payment to suppliers/exporters abroad will be received on time and for the right amount. It simultaneously ensures the prompt delivery of the goods and services.

How long does it take?

Letters of credit are typically provided within two business days, guaranteeing payment by the confirming First Capital Bank branch.

Types of LC’s available from First Capital Bank:
• Commercial LC
• Standby LC
• Revolving LC
• Travellers LC
• Confirmed LC
• Unconfirmed LC


✅ Payment is guaranteed by both the issuing bank and the confirming bank as long as compliant documents are presented.
✅ Mitigates the risk to your customer
✅ Allows for multiple/continuous shipments, with quality of products and price guaranteed by an independent pre-shipment inspection company
✅ Allows access to other products e.g. pre-shipment finance and structured finance
✅ Ensures delivery is done on schedule and assures timely payment to your customer

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